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Classification: Daiginjyo
Alcohol: 17%
Ingredient: Rice (Yamada Nishiki)
Rice polished: 39%
Sake Meter Value (SMV): +4.0
Acid Level: 1.1
Amino Acid Level: 1.4
Storage: Room temperature (15-20℃)
Best served: chilled (5-10℃) / room temperature
Lot: TBC
Volume: 720ml
Flavor: Refreshing with fruity aroma, dry

Great care has been taken to create this rare bottle of sake, using fine-grained raw materials of the premium Yamada Nishiki rice polished to 39%. This Daiginjyo sake is produced the coldest month in winter, has a refreshing after-taste, with a sweet and fruity Ginjyo aroma fragrance. A luxurious flavor is produced through the umami which spreads in your mouth with a smooth and refreshing touch. The bottle is best served chilled.

Food pairing: food with a light flavor, appetizers, sashimi, fish dishes, fruits