Classification: Jyunmaiginjyo
Alcohol: 16%
Ingredient: Rice (Hitogokochi from Nagano Pref.) (Malted Rice from Nagano Pref.)
Rice polished: 59%
Sake Meter Value (SMV): +1
Acid Level: 1.3
Amino Acid Level: 1.2
Storage: Room temperature (15-20℃)
Lot: 12 bottles/case
Volume: 720ml
Flavor: Well balanced with a touch of fruitiness, semi-sweet

Hanayaka Jyunmaiginjyo has been carefully brewed using Hitogokochi rice from Nagano prefecture, polished to 59%. This sake is matured over the summer and the scent of Ginjyo and the umami of the rice provides the perfect balance of exquisite richness and elegance.

Food pairing: food with a light flavor