Jyunmai Daiginjyo

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Classification: Jyunmai Daiginjyo
Alcohol: 16%
Ingredient: Rice (Hitogokochi, Miyamanisiki from Nagano Pref.)
                    Malted Rice
Rice polished: 39%
Sake Meter Value (SMV): +0.0
Acid Level: 1.2
Amino Acid Level: 1.1
Water: from Yatsugatake mountain
Bottle: black frost bottle
Storage: Room temperature (15-20℃) 
Best served: chilled (5-10℃)
Lot: 12 bottles/case
Volume: 720ml / 300ml
Flavor: Rich flavor with fruity aroma, semi-dry

The sake is characterized by its fragrant Ginjyo aroma, the deep umami hidden in its refined and light flavor, and a refreshing finish as it disappears from the palate. The handcrafted bottle is best served chilled to enjoy the full Ginjyo flavor. 

Food pairing: seafood, traditional lightly flavored Japanese dishes