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Classification: Jyunmaishu
Alcohol: 15%
Ingredient: Miyami Nishiki rice
                   (mixed blend and koji blend from Nagano Pref. )
Rice polished: 60%
Sake Meter Value (SMV): +1.0
Acid Level: 1.4
Amino Acid Level: 1.5
Storage: Room temperature (15-20℃)
Best served: luke warm temperature (30-40℃)
Lot: 12 bottles/case
Volume: 720ml
Flavor: Refreshing with glamorous aroma, semi-sweet

The traditional taste of Kitsukura Brewery is represented by this Jyunmai sake. Motoyaka Jyunmaishu brings out the qualities and umami of rice to the forefront, balanced with a glamorous maturity and delicate acidity. The sake can be paired with a wide variety of dishes and best with foods with a full flavor. Motoyaka Jyunmaishu can be enjoyed at chilled to luke warm temperatures.

Food pairing: meats, stirred fry dishes, simmered dishes