Sparkling Sake


Classification: Jyunmaishu
Alcohol: 8%
Ingredient: Rice (Mixed blend and koji blend from Nagano Pref.)
                     Malted Rice
Rice polished: 70%
Sake Meter Value (SMV): -80.0
Acid Level: 8.0
Storage: Room temperature (15-20℃)
Best served: chilled (5-10℃) / with ice / room temperature (15-20℃) 
Lot: 6 case (12 bottles/case)
Volume: 300ml / 720ml (please ask for availability)
Flavor: Refreshing with slight sour taste, sweet

Sawayaka is a sparkling Jyunmai made by second fermentation within the bottle. This Sake is a little cloudy as the Sake lees are left intentionally for the fermentation to continue inside the bottle. Its pop is fine-grained like silk and its taste is refreshing and more sour than other Sparkling Sake, similar to grapefruit. The alcohol content is slightly higher than other sparkling sake. Sawayaka is highly recommended to serve chilled and leave the bottle in ice. Its sourness makes it a rare fit for food pairing amongst sparkling sake, going best with lightly seasoned dishes. 

Food pairing: feathered meat, pizza, gratin